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20:00 / 8PM


This screening session features 3 films (approximately 100 minutes, original versions with English subtitles).

@ Studio Skoop, Sint-Annaplein 63, 9000 Gent.
Tickets are only 6€ per session, and include a free drink at the Studio Skoop bar afterwards. *All proceeds go to The Bigger Screen, an international organisation supporting independent filmmakers.

Day of the Dead _edited.jpg

Day of the Dead (Belgium) by Peter Bracke, Kris De Meester (Out of Competition)

"Day of the Dead"  is a short film that delves into the unique blend of life, death, and celebration during Mexico's Day of the Dead. The story unfolds against the backdrop of the mesmerizing migration of millions of Monarch butterflies to Mexico, believed to embody the souls of the departed. The film explores the profound Mexican tradition of not just commemorating the dead but reveling in the coexistence of life and death during these sacred days. The short film is a visual and emotional journey that explores the delicate balance between the living and the dead, culminating in a moment of serene reflection as the dead fall silent, and the living are left to calmly confront their own emotions. The film captures the essence of a cultural celebration that transcends borders, inviting audiences to reflect on the universal themes of love, loss, and the enduring connections that bind us across time and cultures.

Running time: 00:03:11

Santa Lucia, My Mother _edited.jpg

Santa Lucia, My Mother (Belgium) by Peter Bracke

In an intimate journey of discovery, this short documentary brings to light the remarkable life of a 91-year-old bibliophile, as portrayed by the filmmaker's mother, whose spirit refuses to be dimmed by the challenge of visual impairment. Opening with a heartfelt interview, we are invited into her world where the joy of literature transcends the conventional act of reading. Through her eyes, we explore the transformative power of audiobooks and technology, her resilience in the face of adversity, and the miraculous restoration of her sight. This story is not just about the personal triumphs of an avid reader but a celebration of the human spirit's ability to adapt, the profound impact of storytelling, and the indomitable strength of familial bonds.

Running time: 00:08:32


Novembre (Canada) by Iphigénie Marcoux Fortier, Karine van Ameringen

November is a unique fascinating experience bringing together people living and working in the city of Montreal, in this no man's land between colorful autumn and white winter.

Running time: 01:34:40

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