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20:00 / 8PM


This screening session features 3 films (approximately 90 minutes, original versions with English subtitles).

@ Studio Skoop, Sint-Annaplein 63, 9000 Gent.
Tickets are only 6€ per session, and include a free drink at the Studio Skoop bar afterwards. *All proceeds go to The Bigger Screen, an international organisation supporting independent filmmakers.

My Mykines _edited.jpg

My Mykines (Belgium) by Femke De Beule

A village lies in the shadow of an archeological site. The inhabitants contemplate on their relation with the ruins. Visitors pass by, the stones underneath them slowly crumbling.

Runningg time: 00:18:10

Song of Homecoming .jpeg

Song of Homecoming (Belgium) by Alex Schuurbiers

Filmmaker Alex Schuurbiers became captivated by a small house on a French island, a mystical place hidden between the waves. In Song Of Homecoming, she talks to the house and its inhabitant in an attempt to find kinship and connection.

Running time: 00:15:37

All About My State .jpeg

All About My State (Poland) by Piotr Jacoń

In Poland, transgender people have to take their parents to court to have their gender designation corrected on their documents. Formally, this is the only way. In addition to tremendous stress and the humiliation of taking the testimony, the family faces uncertainty, because in Poland there are no clear regulations on how such a hearing should look. The court has a lot of freedom, and the prosecutor can join the proceedings at any stage, as it happened in the case of 20-year-old transgender Florian and his mother Agata, the protagonists of Piotr Jacon's documentary.  

Running time: 00:40:32

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