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20:00 / 8PM


This screening session features 2 films (approximately 90 minutes, original versions with English subtitles).

@ Studio Skoop, Sint-Annaplein 63, 9000 Gent.
Tickets are only 6€ per session, and include a free drink at the Studio Skoop bar afterwards. *All proceeds go to The Bigger Screen, an international organisation supporting independent filmmakers.

Number One .jpeg

Number One (Lithuania) by Milda Augustaitytė

Twelve-year-old Arianas is preparing for the Lithuanian Championship of Standard and Latin American dances with his partner. The couple must understand the world of adults - learn to demonstrate masculinity, feminine seduction and self-selling. But is that enough to win the championship?

Running time: 00:15:00

Darwin Nix .jpeg

Darwin Nix (United States) by Brice Goldberg

Darwin Nix is an artist living and working in the small town of Evergreen, Alabama. Darwin grew up in Evergreen and has returned after living in Memphis, Philadelphia and Santa Fe as an accomplished fine art painter. His current work strives to subvert the overt confederate sentimentality he has witnessed since returning to the south. Living alone and with very few funds, Darwin has created a series of radical protest paintings and sculptures that reflect and antagonize what he deems to be a cultural inbreeding of ignorance and stupidity.

Running time: 01:16:19

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