In accordance with current COVID-19 regulations, our screenings this year will accommodate only a very limited number of guests at the same time. For this reason we have decided to play every screening multiple times. Screening #7 includes 1 feature film and 5 short films. All films are English spoken and/or English subtitled.


Tickets are 6€. Buy a ticket and we'll plant a tree with Tree Plan! 1 ticket = 1 tree.

Free tickets available for students, seniors, and unemployed or low income guests: request yours here.

Dates and times:

- Sunday 16 May 2021, 10:00 – 12:00   Get tickets 

- Tuesday 18 May 2021, 16:00 – 18:00   Get tickets 

- Friday 21 May 2021, 16:00 – 18:00   Get tickets 


Alfred Skull Art Gallery

Alpacastraat 29

9000 Ghent



Supernatural Report (United Kingdom)

by Robert Turnbull

In this short animated documentary, Claire Marie Priest guides us through her own personal séance room, informing us of the presences and other paranormal encounters... Running time: 00:03:10

Supernatural Report (United Kingdom) by

Hotel Stadt Altona (Germany)

by Sophia Schachtner

The team at Hotel Stadt Altona wishes you a warm welcome and a pleasant stay. Running time: 00:05:16

Hotel Stadt Altona (Germany) by Sophia S

Generation 328 (Belarus)

by Veranika Nikanava

A group of mothers defy Europe’s last dictatorship, fighting to free their children from draconian sentences in brutal Belarusian prisons. Running time: 00:18:35


Generation 328 (Belarus) by Veranika Nik

Married People (United Kingdom)

by Tyro Heath

Made during the Covid-19 lockdown, the director paints a portrait of her parents and their long marriage. Running time: 00:01:29

Married People (United Kingdom) by Tyro

My Own Landscapes (France)

by Antoine Chapon

A former military game designer was spotted in a video game competition organized by the army. Before going to war, he made video game scenarios that prepared soldiers to cultural shocks and healed trauma. Once back from the war, his relationship with his identity, with life and with the video game changed. Running time: 00:18:42


My Own Landscapes (France) by Antoine Ch

Dead Souls' Vacation (Georgia)

by Keko Chelidze

A once-popular bass player in Tbilisi is now jobless, joyless and crammed into a shoebox-sized one-room apartment with his elderly mother, leaving little space for independence or optimism in this absurd, intimate slice of ex-Soviet life. Running time: 01:06:23


Dead Souls' Vacation (Georgia) by Keko C