In accordance with current COVID-19 regulations, our screenings this year will accommodate only a very limited number of guests at the same time. For this reason we have decided to play every screening multiple times. Screening #3 includes 1 feature film and 3 short films. All films are English spoken and/or English subtitled.


Tickets are 6€. Buy a ticket and we'll plant a tree with Tree Plan! 1 ticket = 1 tree.

Free tickets available for students, seniors, and unemployed or low income guests: request yours here.

Dates and times:

- Saturday 15 May 2021, 14:00 – 16:00   Get tickets 

- Thursday 20 May, 18:00 – 20:00   Get tickets 

- Friday 21 May, 18:00 – 20:00   Get tickets 


Alfred Skull Art Gallery

Alpacastraat 29

9000 Ghent



Lumen (Canada)

by Sarah Seené

Lumen (meaning light in Latin) is a sensorial film shot in Super 8 that paints a portrait of an adolescent with albinism. The hypersensitivity that this genetic condition engenders and the lack of pigmentation in her skin and eyes lend her an extraordinary aura. This film echoes a series of photographs entitled Fovea, which takes as its subject visually impaired young people. Running time: 00:01:41

Lumen (Canada) by Sarah Seené.jpg

Mood Atlas (Ireland)

by Mia Mullarkey

'Mood Atlas' explores Bipolar Disorder through one man’s experiences, and his search for hope in neuroscience. Psychological tests administered to Shane within the context of a brain mapping study act as a device, for the film viewer, to enter Shane’s psyche and his history. Within his own life they act as a means of giving him hope; people are working to better understand his condition and he can offer something to others who struggle as he does. Running time: 00:18:30


Mood Atlas (Ireland) by Mia

Being Sascha (Switzerland)

by Manuel Gübeli

Sascha's name wasn't always Sascha. But now it is. Sascha doesn't identify as a man or as a woman, but as trans non-binary. A story about what it means to live in a society that wasn't expecting you. A glimpse into a life that allows us to question our own categories. And a film about what it means to be oneself. Running time: 00:35:22


Being Sascha (Switzerland) by Manuel Güb

Killing Tony (Finland)

by Panu Suuronen

Jenni (21) is a vibrant butterfly, however she has a shadow that prevents her from living her life to the fullest. The only thing stopping her is ”no-life loser” flatmate Tony (47). Both unhappy, they live like an old couple that doesn’t have the good sense to get divorced. What makes their situation intolerable is that Jenni and Tony are actually the same person. The struggle started when Jenni came out of the closet as a transgender person seven years ago. Alternating between genders is getting more exhausting every day. Jenni has to kill Tony. Running time: 01:00:00

Killing Tony (Finland) by Panu Suuronen.