In accordance with current COVID-19 regulations, our screenings this year will accommodate only a very limited number of guests at the same time. For this reason we have decided to play every screening multiple times. Screening #15 includes 1 feature film and 4 short films. All films are English spoken and/or English subtitled.


Tickets are 6€. Buy a ticket and we'll plant a tree with Tree Plan! 1 ticket = 1 tree.

Free tickets available for students, seniors, and unemployed or low income guests: request yours here.

Dates and times:

- Thursday 20 May 2021, 20:00 – 22:00   Book tickets 

- Saturday 22 May 2021, 20:00 – 22:00   Book tickets 

- Sunday 23 May 2021, 20:00 – 22:00   Book tickets 


Alfred Sküll Art Gallery

Alpacastraat 29

9000 Ghent



Moto (Canada)

by Brian Dale Sokolowski

A 2 ½ minute filmic essay shot at a pro national motocross race in Southwick, Massachusetts, in which I recall a death I witnessed during teenage years spent racing dirt bikes. Running time: 00:02:34

Moto (Canada) by Brian Dale Sokolowski.j

Will They Know / Zouden ze het weten (Netherlands) by Kim Faber

The young teacher Magalie has been wrongly accused of child abuse, she received death threats and her lifelong dream of being a kindergarten teacher was destroyed. Will she ever get over this? Six years after she stopped teaching, she tries again. Will They Know is about Magalie's first year back as a teacher. How do you move on after your life is destroyed? How to overcome your demons and keep holding on to your dreams? An intimate portrait in which the impact of a wrongful accusation becomes clear. Running time: 00:25:29

Will They Know Zouden ze het weten (Neth

Spontaneous (United States)

by Lori Felker

You never know when someone is miscarrying; it could be happening right next to you. Running time: 00:14:00

Spontaneous (United States) by Lori Felk

The ospreys and the old man (U.K.)

by Ang Gao

A 76-year-old man lives in a village in the middle of China is still using ospreys to fish while most of the fishermen are using modern technologies now. For him, this method is not only a way to make a living but also a form of exercise. He has the last five Ospreys in the village when he gets too old to fish this way, this traditional fishing method might also disappear. Running time: 00:08:44


The ospreys and the old man (United King

Everyone wants to be the next Weismann (Spain) by Alberto Triano

Contemporary art collector and first to discover the great Richard Weismann, Martín Solo, takes on the challenge of introducing the world to his unique vision of art by opening his private museum to the public. For this, Martín prepares a retrospective of his latest discovery: Mu Pan, a Taiwanese, Brooklyn based artist, whose fantastical works criticize and reflect the violence and brutality of society. Martín feels he failed with Richard Weismann but this time he is prepared to lay all of his cards on the table. Running time: 01:05:00


Everyone wants to be the next Weismann (