In accordance with current COVID-19 regulations, our screenings this year will accommodate only a very limited number of guests at the same time. For this reason we have decided to play every screening multiple times. Screening #13 includes 1 feature film and 6 short films. All films are English spoken and/or English subtitled.


Tickets are 6€. Buy a ticket and we'll plant a tree with Tree Plan! 1 ticket = 1 tree.

Free tickets available for students, seniors, and unemployed or low income guests: request yours here.

Dates and times:

- Monday 17 May 2021, 14:00 – 16:00   Get tickets 

- Saturday 22 May 2021, 12:00 – 14:00   Get tickets 

- Sunday 23 May 2021, 14:00 – 16:00   Get tickets 


Alfred Skull Art Gallery

Alpacastraat 29

9000 Ghent



The Scroll of The Prophet Isaiah (Canada)

by Jake Kovnat

"One day, in May of 2018 as I was driving through Niagara Falls, NY, I passed a home unlike anything I had ever seen before. I slammed on the brakes and reversed to take some pictures of this stunning and unusual work of art tucked away in an otherwise unremarkable neighborhood. As I finished, a man who was sitting across the street called me over to talk. His name was Isaiah and the conversation that began on that day culminated in this short film. Maybe our encounter was meant to be. In honor of Isaiah, I hope you enjoy it.” Running time: 00:03:08


The Scroll of The Prophet Isaiah (Canada

Tears Teacher (Japan)

by Noemie Nakai

Yoshida is a self-proclaimed 'tears teacher'. A firm believer that regular crying promotes healthier living, he’s made it his mission to make more people weep. Running time: 00:10:00

Tears Teacher (Japan) by Noemie

A.WAY (Belgium)

by Glenn Dumortier

'A.WAY' (original title: 'WEG') is a journey into lost memories of youth, purely constructed with archive material. A nostalgic reverie that transitions into a feeling of melancholy and unease. The beauty of life and the fear of death as a universal sentiment. Running time: 00:15:00


A.WAY : WEG (Belgium) by Glenn Dumortier

Bellydance Vogue (Lebanon)

by Hadi Moussally

"My birthday was on the 3rd of April 2020 during lockdown, and for the first time, I celebrated it all by myself. But even if I was alone, I decided to celebrate it as if it’s the last one" A film made in quarantine. Running time: 00:04:55


Bellydance Vogue (Lebanon) by Hadi Mouss

The Beekeeper (United Kingdom)

by William McGregor

A beekeeper on the island of Anglesey faces losing her ancestral home to the development of a nuclear power plant. Running time: 00:12:00


The Beekeeper (United Kingdom) by Willia

Emily, ilaw ng tahanan (Qatar)

by Anna Prokou

"I live inside a box, but one day I will live outside the box." Most people keep their trauma locked up inside, but for Emily, opening her "box of trauma" and confronting a painful past is the only chance to break free. The film takes place entirely within a red box. Running time: 00:19:00


Emily, ilaw ng tahanan (Qatar) by Anna P

Good Girls Don't Get Beaten (Belarus)

by Halina Adamovich

Excessive use of force in self-defense is among the most wide-spread reasons why women are put in prison. Over 140 countries of the world have laws against domestic violence. There’s no such law in the Republic of Belarus. Running time: 00:52:00


Good Girls Don't Get Beaten (Belarus) by