14.45 - 16.45 (to be confirmed)

This screening session features 1 feature film and 3 short films. All films are English spoken and/or English subtitled.


Studio Skoop

Sint-Annaplein 63

9000 Gent


Tickets are 6 EUROS (and include 1 free drink at the Studio Skoop bar).

Online reservation available soon.

Glassy Stares (Turkey)

by Rıdvan Karaman

Twin brothers, Tayfun and Taykan, live at a retirement home, although they are in their early forties. Both passionately committed to music and having isolated themselves from life, the twins spend their time writing and composing songs. 'Glassy Stares' is an ecstatic insight into truth amid the fogs of schizophrenia. It is knotting guitar strings in restoring torn ties with the real. A story of brotherhood.

Duration: 00:25:17


Brother, move on (Switzerland)

by Antshi von Moos

Geeta is one of the few taxi drivers in India. Her taxi service "for women by women" enables women to move freely in the city at any time. Her motivation is: "The more women become taxi drivers, the less women are afraid to step out of the house." Geeta's hope is that the cityscape and atmosphere of the city will increasingly change and so will the position of women in society.


Duration: 00:08:30

Ravens (United Kingdom)

by Karl Friis Forchhammer

An intimate journey in the life of a modern feminist who has never stopped being a hopeless romantic. It is a reflection on the nature of love, sex, relationships, and gender roles for a generation that having freed itself from the chains of tradition, is still struggling to find a new way to live their lives.

Duration: 00:25:45


The Puzzle of Christina (Norway)

by Pål Winsents

Over the course of 24 years, documentarian Pål Winsents has followed his niece Christina in her attempt to navigate her way through life with the rare genetic diagnosis Kleefstra syndrome. A down to earth, empathic and earnest portrayal of a unique individual’s experience of reality, which provides a compassionate perspective on the challenges people with mental disabilities meet in their day to day lives.


Duration: 00:56:53


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