20.00 - 22.00 (to be confirmed)

This screening session features 1 feature film and 3 short films. All films are English spoken and/or English subtitled.


Studio Skoop

Sint-Annaplein 63

9000 Gent


Tickets are 6 EUROS (and include 1 free drink at the Studio Skoop bar).

Online reservation available soon.

No.13 (Iran)

by Reyhaneh Zahiri

11 year-old Mohammad Moein has autism and constantly runs away from home. Moeins’s mother tries to stop him from escaping by educating him. His father, tired of having to find him eacht time, tries to convince his wife to let Moein escape so that they can follow him and figure out why he wants to escape. Despite feeling uneasy about this plan, Moein's mother reluctantly agrees.

Duration: 00:31:47


Sleeves (Denmark)

by Maria Morgaine Müller

This is a portrait of Dominique Tardif, a young girl from Mexico City. Dominique talks openly about how she used to cut herself, a topic she has been avoiding for years. Now she feels like she can finally open up about it, a first step towards healing.

Duration: 00:02:48

Under the Ashoka tree (Belgium)

by Jialai Wang

Through the screen of my phone, it seems that my mother is closer to me than she ever was. Now that we are at thousand miles from each other, we finally can talk. Me in Europe, she in Asia, both in the hand of Buddha.

Duration: 00:18:40


Inga Can Hear (Latvia)

by Kaspars Goba

Inga is the only hearing member of a deaf family in the remote Latvian countryside. She dreams of escaping her role as the family’s interpreter and decides to leave and enroll at the high school in a nearby city. She gets into serious conflicts with her classmates and her family starts falling apart. All Inga’s hopes and dreams seem to have crashed and burned. Then, one day, the outside world learns that Inga is actually Edward.

Duration: 01:00:00


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